The most famous Dalmatian psychiatric hospital turns to tourism

Photo: Unsplash (Christopher Lemercier)

The most famous Dalmatian psychiatric hospital, Ugljan, is turning to tourism. Six hectares of abandoned land right next to the sea were recognized by the hospital as additional income. The public tender will start soon, and the entire project still needs to be approved by the county, reports

Thus, all those whose psyche is damaged due to stress or burnout at work will be able to come to Ugljan to heal, but also to rest from their problems.

The whole story would entail additional employment, both for health and non-health workers.

“I think it’s great and ideal. After all, this is an island, it’s wonderful and the sea is there, pine trees, for relaxation, so it would probably be the right choice for sick people and those who need psychological help, because here the soul heals,” say the locals.

The hospital is also supported by the Tourist Association of the City of Zadar.

“It is a commendable initiative and finally something like this is happening in the area of ​​Zadar County and the city of Zadar. This is certainly in our favor since Zadar is already recognized as a cultural and gastronomic destination, along with that comes the sports part of tourism, and the health part will come as sugar at the end”, said the director of TZ Zadar Mario Paleka.

Ministry of Health initiated the whole story.

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