The winners of the “Man and Velebit” photo contest have been announced


On the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the declaration of the Velebit Mountain Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, the public institutions Velebit Nature Park, Paklenica National Park and Northern Velebit National Park organized a photo contest “Man and Velebit”.

The goal of the photo competition is to highlight the importance of a balance between the preservation of biological diversity and the development needs of the local community.

The photo contest lasted from November 23 to December 5 and contestants could apply in two categories, “Natural values ​​of Velebit” and “Coexistence of man and Velebit”.

The commission made up of representatives of all three Parks selected the six (6) most beautiful photos, or three (3) per category.

“The selection was extremely demanding because we received hundreds of photos, all of which are special in their own way.

We would like to thank all the participants, and a special congratulations goes to the winners!

We wish the others to continue to faithfully visit our Velebit, take photos and enjoy every moment spent on this mountain range, because more photo contests await us!”, announced the organizers.

SOURCE: Lika Club

Plitvice Times Magazine