TOP 5 Destinations in Croatia for die-hard Winnetou fans


First word that comes to everyone´s mind and lips when you mention Winnetou is – Croatia with its extraordinary natural variety of beautiful landscapes.

Many tourists, especially from Germany, flock to Croatia every year to discover Croatian „Wild West“ and to intake all of its scents, views and sounds.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 destinations every true Winnetou fan has to put in the ultimate tour itinerary:

1. National park Paklenica

The untouched nature of this national park served as a first class background for the exciting adventures of the main characters of the movie. If you take a trip to town Starigrad Paklenica, you can also visit a commemoration site with an exhibit about the movie.

2. Plitvice Lakes National park

The endless kilometres of lakes and waterfalls contribute to the wholesome feeling of the amazing natural environment presented in the movie. The oldest and the biggest national park in Croatia is also the most famous one, with its 16 lakes and many activities for its visitors. A must-see for a Winnetou die-hard fan!

3. Krka National park

Transparent water, clean air and pure delight. Those are some of the words that can merely start to describe this natural and karst phenomenon used as a backdrop in the movie.

4. Velebit

Extremely wild surroundings of this mountain give each visitor a chance to experience the real sensation of what Wild West was in actual life. Vast lands and hills are one of the centre sceneries of the movie.

5. Zrmanja canyon

A mix between dramatic mountains and the wide river is shown best in the canyon of river Zrmanja. This site is one of the most recognizable ones among all the filming locations from the movie.

PHOTO: Instagram Winnetou_forever_fan