VIDEO Check out the British square market in Zagreb in virtual reality – the top 5.7K quality


The British square market, which the people of Zagreb have been calling Mali Plac for years, is a popular gathering place for collectors and lovers of antiques. This time you can see it in 360-degree virtual reality technology.

The market opened in 1891, and only poultry had been traded there. Today, it is best known for the traditional fair of antiques and art, which is held every Sunday morning. Students, retirees, university professors, many antique lovers, antique dealers, collectors and artists come to the British market to see, sell or buy.

Since when is the fair held?

In the 1970s and 1980s, in nowadays Student Center in Zagreb, the fair of antiques, numismatics and books was held. The British market is a new location at which this tradition continues. According to the well-known Zagreb antiquarian and publicist Miroslav Tischler, the fair has been held in British square since 2002.

What can be found there?

Bibliophile editions, jewelry, porcelain dishes, gramophone records, furniture of various styles, old postcards, badges – there is nothing you will not find in the British square market. So if you want to complete your collection or buy a unique gift for a loved one, don’t miss to visit the Sunday fair.

Take a look at the British square and see what it offers in our video walk!

Viewing instructions:

• If you are watching the recording on your mobile phone, turn the screen to the right or left to see the surroundings
• if you are watching the video via laptop or computer, right-click and drag right or left to look around
• if you are watching the video via VR headset, switch to 360 videos and enjoy the complete impression!

The video is recorded by the Prilika Group agency in VR 360 technology.