VIDEO Drone footage from paradise called Zavratnica Bay!


So dear readers, if you are planning a trip to some interesting, but not overcrowded destination, you know we have the best advice!

Today our recommendation is Zavratnica Bay – without a doubt one of the most beautiful bays in Croatia!

Zavratnica Bay, a part of Nature Park Velebit, is located just across the island of Rab and far away from the regular routes. You will need about 20 minutes walk from Jablanac, but many people say that the best way to get to know this area is by kayak. That is because Zavratnica is 50–150 metres wide, with a narrow entrance, and up to 100-metre sides which are very steep.

With absolutely stunning scenery and a sunken military boat wreck from WW2, Zavratnica was designated a protected landscape in 1964! The remains of a German WWII ship can be seen in just a few meters of clear water.


The legend says that Zavratnica Bay was formed by a destructive earthquake in 615, and three old Roman towns were lost at sea. But actually, Zavratnica bay was created by the streams of water flowing down Velebit mountain that created this deep canyon and later sunk when the sea level rose up.

Nature Park Velebit

Today Zavratnica is a home to 129 plant species – 100 autohtonous and 29 allochthonous, with the most amazing turquoise sea many tourists visit.

Interesting information is also that Zavratnica was popular among the Austrian elite as a secret hideout for their noble games so they created lovely paths both from top of the hill and from nearby Jablanac.

Enjoy the video by Chris&Nat!

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