VIDEO The gentle side of wild horses


Wild horses have been called a living symbol of the free spirit worldwide. They are different from the domestic horses with special features so they can survive in the wild – stronger legs and harder hooves so they are able to stand on different ground conditions.

Wild horses are of different colours, such as grey, black and white… but about half of the wild horses’ population are roan – a reddish-brown colour.

Goran Šafarek filmed wild horses living at the Velebit mountain in Croatia. He explains that the horses were brought to Velebit during the war when they served the Croatian Army. After the war they remained in this habitat and increased in number. Now they are owned by several families but living completely free and wild.

“Their life here is not easy. Even in the middle of the summer the nights are cold, especially when the rain falls, as Velebit is known for very cold and windy weather. It is difficult to move because karst dominates. Valleys and fields with soft ground and grass are rare. Furthermore, there are wolves, lynxes and bears, large beasts that are always hungry.”, explains Šafarek.

Although there are many obstacles, their life is pleasant with a help of good people. Enjoy in the gentle beauty of the wild horses:

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