VIDEO “Hrelić Market” is a Sunday symbol of Zagreb, we took a walk with a 360 camera and saw the offer


Hrelić, the largest used goods fair in Croatia, is one of Zagreb’s attractions that is definitely worth a visit.

This cult Zagreb “flea market” is located in New Zagreb, west of the city landfill Jakuševac. The name Hrelić comes from the village, situated a bit south of a current location, from where the fair had been relocated in 1970.

What can you buy there?

Preserved clothes and footwear, car parts, rare tools, children’s toys, old cameras and gramophone records, military equipment, collectibles, art paintings and antiques – on Hrelić, everyone can find something for themselves. For just a few kunas, you can buy diverting clothes, an antique piece of porcelain or a rare book. Prices depend on your negotiation skills mostly and if you like to bargain, shopping will be a real treat.

Prices can drop drastically during the day

Before the end of business hours, sellers usually want to get rid of the goods. Hence, as the hours go by, you will notice that prices decrease drastically. After walking through columns of people and hundreds of colorful stalls, while the smells of kebabs and fresh lepinja are spreading from the catering houses, you may get sore feet and you won’t even be able to visit everything you wanted.

How many people visit it on Sundays?

Although it is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays, the best day to go to Hrelić is Sunday, when up to 20,000 people pass through the fair. In the video above, you can see what a typical Sunday in Hrelić looks like!

Viewing instructions:

• If you are watching the recording on your mobile phone, turn the screen to the right or left to see the surroundings
• if you are watching the video via laptop or computer, right-click and drag right or left to look around
• if you are watching the video via VR headset, switch to 360 videos and enjoy the complete impression!

The video is recorded by the Prilika Group agency in VR 360 technology.