Visočica hike – surreal experience and a life lesson


Remember our recent article “From Zir with love” by 4Wanderer. It was a two-part story that started at Zir and ends at Visočica.

A young man Matej, you now know by the name 4Wanderer, writes the second part of his experience.

Here is a first hand experience many of you will find very useful!

“With the altitude of 1619 meters, Visočica is one of the most significant peaks of the Velebit. We started our hike from the parking place, or to be precise from the last place that you can reach by car. It was about 5 o’clock, and we had enough time to climb up and down before the dark.

The first part of the trail goes through the woods. The trail is well marked with slippery areas in the deep forest. You need to be careful, but with adequate equipment, you will not have any problems.

At the end of the forest area the magic starts. A moment when tiredness disappears, the area of beautiful hillsides, fascinating views, incredible plants, fresh wind…

Interestingly, if you decide to go on this hike, you will also encounter places whit chopped woods and signs that say- please bring them to the mountain hut. I appeal to everyone that can – please carry at least one log, they are priceless up there.

The Visočica mountain lodge is somewhere in the middle of the climb (if viewed from the parking lot), right next to the remains of the former Gojtan house. For those who want to stay there, it is important to remember that the house is locked, so if you don`t contact the responsible mountaineering company you will not be able to enter.

After a short break at the hut, we continued the rest of the climb. More open spaces, higher altitude and stronger winds. We walked for a while, stopped from time to time to absorb nature and after about an hour and a half we came to the top.

The peak of Visočica looks surreal. The grass that you see is so sharp, everything is rough, but at the same time gentle and inspiring. We spent some time at the top, enjoyed the view and rested.

 I would recommend this hike to amateurs and tourists because it`s quite easy. There are also a couple of places where you can rest for a few minutes, so with a light walk, concentration, and adequate equipment, this climb is a pleasure. But once again, nature has to be respected. We encountered many beautiful plants and insects on our way to the top, while the area of Visočica has over 500 plant species.

On our way down we stopped again at the mountain lodge. Symbolically, I will end this story with the image of a helmet covered with flowers. In the past, the area of Velebit has been hit by numerous man-made disasters.

The message this helmet brings is very simple but strong.

Let’s stay away from the conflicts and be one with the nature.

Upon the arrival of the darkness, our “expedition” came back to where we started the journey. After a little rest, satisfied and tired, we went to Zagreb and probably all slept that night like babies.


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