WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER’S TIPS: 5 best places for a wedding photo shoot in Lika


We all know Lika-Senj County is the largest county in Croatia full of various natural beauties. But what does it have to offer for young people planning their wedding?

Some couples want to raise their wedding photos to the next level and create jaw-dropping materials that are worthy of a lifetime of frames. I want to help them with my professional advice. These are my experiences and some of my favorite locations for the best wedding photo shoot in Lika!


One of my personal favorite settings for weddings is the mountains since they make spectacular backgrounds for even the simplest weddings. Just like Tulove Grede, natural phenomena located above Sveti Rok. You are at the top of Velebit with a beautiful view over the Adriatic Sea and islands on one side, and untouched nature and Zir on the other. These two newlyweds decided to take their photos right here and the autumn colors created a special atmosphere. I love it!


Velebit and the surrounding area offer many locations where you can capture unforgettable love moments, so these newlyweds decided to do just that. Their chosen locations were Brušani “Stara pila”, and Kubus Baške Oštarije. Can`t beat these views!


The sub-Velebit localities are rich with forests and beautiful meadows, especially when nature wakes up and everything blooms. Lika`s advantage, when it comes to summer weddings, is that even during the hottest days it gets cold after sunset. The beautiful ranch in Ribnik offers a spectacular view of Velebit, a lovely grove, and a river where the newlyweds said YES! Just look at this great scenery the newlyweds had at sunset.


Let`s go to another beautiful location – the river Gacka! The preserved nature along the river Gacka is amazing in whichever direction you turn. Along the river there is a small church, the Church of St. Francis, where these newlyweds said YES and became husband and wife. The locality is breathtaking, and along the Gacka River you can often come across swans who know how to decorate your photo with one of a kind photobombing skills.


Lika is more than just hills, valleys and rivers, it also has a large part of the Adriatic Sea. Beautiful beaches and bays that adorn the Velebit Channel are something that can rarely be seen anywhere in the world, so these newlyweds decided to capture their love moments in their hometown Senj. Just look at the fortress Nehaj and this beautiful sunset!

This is just a small part of what Lika offers as a wedding destination. Natural beauties and amazing locations everywhere.

Can Lika be a famous wedding destination? I believe it can, but a lot more investment and effort is needed for that to happen.


I am Josip Durdov, a wedding photographer from Lika. I currently live and work in Zagreb, but I am available throughout the Republic of Croatia. I’m always glad to be back in my Lika, no matter if it’s on vacation, just passing by, or recording memories. I`ve been doing weddings for 4 years, for which I am most grateful to my friends who insisted that I photograph their wedding. Because of that challenge I had to invest a little more in my equipment. That wedding wasn’t my first job as a photographer, but it was a big challenge that pulled the trigger and brought me to where I am right now. Every wedding, newlyweds, location are a new challenge so I`m always a bit nervous but that just makes the job better. You can follow me on social media or visit my webpage

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