THIS WEEKEND Everyone to “Legends of Plitvice Valleys 2019”


The Legends of Plitvice Valleys event is drawing closer, and this year`s programme is super attractive! If you still haven’t started planning the last weekend in June –  this is definitely the article for you. Time is ticking, and we have the best proposal for the upcoming weekend!

For the fourth year in a row near Old Town Drežnik, the medieval fort above the river Korana history will come to life in the fullest sense of the word! Everything is ready for “Legends of Plitvice Valleys 2019”!

This year the event is held under the motto –  “The future can not, without knowing the past, be build.”, a famous quote by the revolutionary Eugen Kvaternik, one of the many important people who were a part of the region`s history.

rakovica hrvatska

Once again this year the Legends will portray the lives of the characters that have marked the past and protected the area of Rakovica and Plitvice Valleys. Apart from Kvaternik, visitors will be introduced to the old people Japodi, brave soldiers Serežani, the beauty of the Korana river and the mysterious Black Queen.

Visitors will also have fun riding the quads and electric bikes, fast sack races, throwing rocks from medieval slings, throwing tomahawk axe into the target, thematic workshops for kids, etc.

At 20 o’clock the youngest will enjoy the teather performance “I’m Singing” by the Pokolok Orchestra, and for the very end of the evening, a real movie treat is ready.


A spectacular projection of the historical movie “Winnetou – The Last Shot” shot in 1965 in the area of Lika and Plitvice Lakes.

It will be another day to remember in Plitvice Valleys, so make sure to come to Old Town Drežnik in Rakovica this Saturday (starting 5PM)!

The event’s official hashtag is #Legende2019, and you can get all the information at the official WEBSITE.

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