Woof woof – “I loved Plitvice, this is a great place for a dog!”


Walking around Plitvice we ran into special someone, or even better a special team – Jessica the owner & Klara the dog, German ladies visiting Plitvice. Jessica adopted Klara from Asociatia Ador Shelter in Romania almost 2 years ago, and since then they have been living quite of a dreamy life.

Girls live in Bavaria, Germany, very close to the Alps, and this was their first time in Croatia. They decided to do a road trip through the country and visited several beautiful places, mostly for hiking. But then, they saw photos of Plitvice and definitely wanted to come!

And Klara just loved it!

„Plitvice is stunning! We stayed there for 2 days. We did the Medvedak hiking trail on the first day, it was quite foggy which created a very mystical scenery in those old beech forests. We only met a handful of people there. On the second day, we walked around the lakes and met, of course, a lot of people, and also some dogs. And there are ducks! I love ducks!“, revealed this black/white beauty.

We wanted to know are Plitvice a good place for a dog, so we got the answer – firsthand?

„Definitely. On a hot day, you can go hiking in the woods, and when you visit the lakes there are plenty of spots where you can drink and cool down. However, we have been there in September, and I heard it can get really crowded in August, so I wouldn’t recommend going in high season with a dog. Dogs are allowed everywhere in the park on a leash, you even can take a boat or bus ride.“






Girls visited Barać caves also, and didn’t get scared or cold!

„Not at all. It is chilly in there (9 degrees °C), but I like that. It’s perfect for bad weather or if it’s too hot to walk around because, in the cave, the conditions are always the same. It’s not scary, and the guide told us that most of the time, the dogs behave better than the people. They do not chat, and they do not touch anything.“





Jessica and Klara often travel to Austria and Italy because it is not far from their home. „Croatia was really awesome because there are so many different areas, and you can do a lot of activities in one trip. You can go to the beach in one day, and find yourself up in the mountains hiking the next day. And dogs are allowed almost everywhere, which makes it a great country to travel for us.“

There are some spots in Croatia they still want to visit, and they would definitely add a stop at Plitvice again. Why not!