From Zir with love – tips and trick for a two-day adventure!


Lika-Senj County is an area of fascinating nature, rich history and hidden places that tell many stories. One of those places is Zir, a mountain of interesting shape in Ličko polje. A young man Matej, you may know by the name 4Wanderer was so charmed by this place that he sent us his entire experience from a two-day visit.

We will let him speak, so here is a first hand experience many of you will find very useful!

“From Zir with Love” by 4Wanderer

I personally love spending active time in nature, so when my friend suggested a two-day trip to Zir and Visočica I immediately said YES. Our plan included camping in Lika, exploring cave Debeljača and climbing to the top of the Zir Mountain.

The trip started on Saturday morning and the plan for the first day was to find a place for our tents, go sightseeing and hang out in the evening. We came to the place called Gornja Ploča, located in the north-east part of Ličko polje. It was an ideal location for our camping spot! Zir was near,  and so were the source of the Jadova River and the Debeljača cave.

One of the few locals showed us a place suitable for raising a tent, and so we did.

Also in our new settlement, we found another local who joined us in the camp. Great experience!

Since the trip, driving on the local roads, and finding a place for the tents lasted half a day, we decided to rest that day and gain needed energy for the Visočica and Zir adventures.

That`s why we had enough time to enjoy at the source of the Jadova River – a truly magical place. To find it you have to get into the woods near our camping spot. But just look at this intact nature – breathtakingly beautiful and peaceful.

I just had to go into this cold water because it simply tempts a man to go for a short swim. It was ice cold, but I stayed only a couple of minutes. We also drank water from the spring and filled the tanks for the next day.

Before we knew the evening approached, and in these areas it means lower temperature, so we used the rest of the evening to prepare meals, clean up the place, and plan the next day. You have to know that in this area in the summer, even at the foot of the mountain, you have to respect nature, dress appropriately, and prepare for cold nights.

The next day we were awake before the dawn, cleaned our temporary tent site and prepared for the hiking. We said goodbye to the local women and her son who helped us find the tent location and headed for the first location – the Debeljača cave. The cave is not open for public and we just wanted to see the location and the nearby quarry.

This is the huge quarry, that with the entire surrounding, looks like it is placed somewhere in the Universe!

We climbed to the top of the quarry and the view was priceless. Just look at this stones that were shaped for centuries…

After visiting Debeljača, we headed for Zir, a mountain in Ličko polje, near the place called Kik. Zir looks fascinating – on one side it looks like a ruthless mountain, while on the other side it looks like a little hill.

This picture shows Zir from a distance (the smaller mountain on the right) and it was photographed the first day while we were still looking for a tent location.

Zir is 850 meters high and you can come to the top easily, there are good hiking marks. Halfway to the top, where the forest still prevails, there is a cave. We entered the cave, but as we did not have the needed equipment and used only the light from our cell phones, we didn`t go deep.

But as you can see there are fascinating “creatures” in the cave, and one of them looks really good even in the great darkness.

You should also have in mind that during the walk from the bottom to the top of the mountain, weather conditions will change.

So it is necessary to be appropriately dressed, and the best advice is to wear adequate shoes. Through the forest area the temperature is pleasant, but suddenly you will reach the area where you are in the open, whit strong sun and wind.

 Nature is so lovely, and the view is worthy of the hike that lasts about an hour.

After climbing to the top, we rested a little, enjoyed the view, got up and went downhill.

Next stop Visočica – part two of our adventure!

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