Autumn weekend trips! Check out the suggestions

Photo: Unsplash (Jakob Owens)

The fascinating transformation of nature, beautiful colors and abundance of fruits are a real invitation for autumn trips throughout Croatia, reports

Slavonian golden plain

The landscape of eastern Croatia is bordered by three rivers, the Drava, the Danube and the Sava. The golden plain illuminated by the autumn sun, the fragrant fruits and the cities dressed in the autumn collection of colors make Slavonia and Baranja ideal places to escape to a different world.

The kingdom of water and forests in Gorski Kotar and Lika

An autumn trip to the Plitvice Lakes will show you all the rhapsody of the waterfalls. The mysterious forests are ideal for absorbing the autumn energy, while the mountain peaks are waiting to be conquered. Enjoying the smells of the winter house with the crackling of the fireplace will show you the beauty of autumn romance.

The autumn mantle of the Adriatic

The elegant old towns are still illuminated by the sun, your sea dreams will be fulfilled with the relaxed mentality of the Adriatic pearls and the quiet and peaceful beaches invite you to fall hedonism.

City rhythm of autumn

The walls of Dubrovnik are impressive alone, but the autumn will add some new shades that you will immediately fall in love with. A walk in romantic Varaždin, a sunset in Zadar, the Mediterranean color of Split or the old soul of Zagreb are just some of the adventures that will turn every autumn day into a spectacle.

An scape to the Istrian penisula

Experience the sunset with the stone symphony of the Pula Arena, fill yourself with the infectious energy of small towns and villages, explore rich historical stories and try some of the numerous gastronomic specialties for which Istria is world-famous.

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