2000 years old Sanctuary near Otočac!


Lika area is a perfect location for everyone who enjoys history, explores ancient cultures, mysticism and even legends.

One of the locations we suggest can be found near the city of Otočac – a hidden sanctuary from the 2nd-century tourists know little about!

It is near the main road so you can go by car, but someone will have to give you directions – search for Oltari or Kraljev Stolac in the Špiljničko field.

At this, quite hidden place followers of the god called Mitra, once upon a time, performed their pagan rituals.

So who was Mitra?

In the Roman Empire, along with the state religion, there was a multitude of exotic cults. One of them was “Mitraism” that came from Iran to Europe and it was connected with Mitra – a young and powerful God of Light who (shortly) sacrificed a bull to bring life to Earth.

In the late antiquity, “Mitraism” was popular in the Gacka area, where it was introduced by Roman slaves, merchants and craftsmen. Fun fact is that Mitra`s sanctuaries are always near rocks and caves because, according to the belief, Mitra was born from stone.

This Mitra sanctuary shows the moment in which Mitra kills the mentioned bull. Mitra is here portrayed as a young man kneeling over a bull, holding him for the nostrils, and killing him. Just look very close, and you will see it!

tThis religion was reserved only for men who had to go through difficult initiation to join the cult.

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