22 METERS HIGH A rainbow over Krčić Waterfall

krčić slap

If you want to enjoy the true beauty and creative art of nature in one small area and experience a wealth of centuries of cultural-historical monuments, then Šibenik region is an excellent choice.

One of the many jewels located in this region is 22 meters high Krčić Waterfall.  The Krčić River has been protected since 1964 and together with the Krka River forms a unique hydrographic system, while the Krčić River stands out with its deep and picturesque canyon.

The source of the River Krka is located at the foot of the Krčić waterfall beyond Knin and the Knin fortress, and it can be reached by the Napoleon Road with beautiful views of Dinara.

Within the canyon are travertine cascades, the loveliest of which is Krčić waterfall. Along the Krčić River is a 15 km bicycle trail leading from the spring of the Krka River. A wonderful place to spend a day and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Enjoy the beautiful photo gallery from Krčić Waterfall by Josip Durdov for Plitvice Times:

PHOTO: Josip Durdov

Source of information: Šibenik Region

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