5 TIPS How to Behave on a Mountain in the Winter


Before you read our tips remember that before heading on a mountain or in nature generally, it is crucial to choose a trip that you can conquer physically and on time.

1.Warm and Layered Clothes

In order to feel comfortable, you need to choose an appropriate outfit. Make sure to wear layered clothes (three layers if possible). The first layer should separate sweat from the skin, middle layer should keep you warm and the third one must be made of waterproof and windproof materials. Avoid cotton because it takes a long time to dry once wet, preferably wear synthetic and wool materials.


2. Never Go Alone

Although it can often be tempting to go alone in nature to find personal pleasure, it can sometimes be fatal for the hiker. Always take one or more people who share your interests and physical abilities with you. Prepare the route and plans for that day; it would be great if you would share your plans with your family or friends as well.


3. Don’t Get Dehydrated

It might seem odd at first that you need to drink a lot of fluids in the winter, because you don’t need to cool down, but it is equally necessary as it the summer. Of course, you won’t choose ice-cold drinks, but make sure to bring your vacuum flask with warm tea or other warm beverages. Alcohol is an absolute NO-GO; you might think it will warm you up, but it will only do the opposite – make you dehydrated and more reckless.

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4.Frostbites and Hypothermia

Frostbites are especially dangerous in the winter, with same consequences as burns. Hypothermia is an unusually low body temperature that can be life-threatening. With frostbites and hypothermia try to warm and relocate the injured person. If necessary, in case of hypothermia symptoms, call 112 for help.


5.Little Secrets for Winter Outdoors Time

Sunglasses are often more important in the winter than summer, and you might need sunscreen because winter sunburns often tend to be worse that in the summer. Don’t forget to “layer-up” your limbs as well – never take off your gloves or hat in the winter. Take care of your food so it doesn’t freeze, and a little chocolate or nuts can boost your energy right up. Put your lamp batteries in the inside pocket of your jacket, where it’s warm, because you won’t have much use of them if they are in your bag – same goes for your phone!

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