550 KILOMETRES They conquered Croatia on Foot!


Ten thousand kilometres on foot from Portugal to Turkey! That sounds crazy but that is the goal of brave young people gathered in the project called “Two steps Towards Others” that started in February.

The project is above all an incredible European adventure: the human project, sporty and a little crazy to cross Southern Europe on foot with ultralight hiking equipment to meet its inhabitants.

Excluding all means of transportation, their journey on foot will last 530 days.

“We will travel 10600km through 17 countries: a unique crossing of Europe during which we will cross no less than a hundred of parks and natural reserves. Through a series of articles, photos and videos, you will live with us the best and the worst of our wanderings.”

After Portugal, Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy and Slovenia they “conquered” Croatia. You can see all the adventures HERE, but first enjoy the video from Croatia.

“Arriving in Croatia we were not sure what to expect
But we knew winter would require us to relearn everything
We needed the help of a few guardian angels to brave a nature that doesn`t forgive
Some really difficult terrains and conditions no better
A difficulty that we had surely underestimated but motivation is something magic
Croatia has no less than 8 national parks and rich and varied nature
People were not always easy to find so we followed this quiet route
It gave us time to think the meaning of those borders
But it was too quiet we had to meet the soul of those villages
To understand more about the country and its people.
Croatian culture is rich and marked by many influences
A beautiful dive in those traditions
Croatia is worldwide known for its coast
so we felt the need to give it a closer look.
All paradises have their darkness
But hey, our planet is not a trash
Breathing this air was a booster
A precious time before getting lost
On the Dinaric Alps
From here we knew no mistake was allowed
The Dinaric Alps are one of the most rugged
mountainous areas of Europe
Karst mountains as sharp as blades
Moving forward was not given
But the beauty of these lands
Helped us to forget this cold
In Croatia the wind even has a name
The Bora can blow more than 200km/h
In the walls of these shelters we could feel
This love for the mountain
We were not alone crossing this country
We shared those wonders with two other hikers
Both of them are brothers to us
Sharing a beautiful slice of life
Moments have no price
With us they explored the Velebit
From north to south
It might not be the image of Croatia
You had in mind
Media rarely show all the facts
A wonderful introduction
To the beauty of the Dinaric Alps
With always some room for what matters
On the way we crossed
The National Park of Paklenica
Again wild and beautiful
A gigantic diversity in a tiny area
Those mountains have their temper
It did not stop our will of seeing more
Some subjects were difficult
It is not only fresh in the mind of the people
Those wars left some serious scars
And what if my dad had been in that tank?
Feeling heavier with those burdening thoughts
We still managed to reach the top of the country
550 wild kilometres
Scattered with history
Goodbye Croatia