8 of the top trending destinations for travelers to explore in 2022


Forget the days of dreaming of trips and holidays abroad, 2022 is looking like an optimistic and extraordinary year for travel.

Booking.com’s annual Travel Predictions research found that nearly two thirds (63%) of travelers say they need to make up for lost vacation time from the pandemic. In addition, nearly half (47%) of travelers would rather go somewhere most people haven’t heard but have to keep it a secret, instead of a well-known destination that they can tell people about in 2022.

To help inspire travelers to find their own hidden gems as travel makes its triumphant return, Booking.com has delved into global booking trends to share the 8 of the top trending destinations for travelers to explore in 2022.

From urban cities and mountain resorts to seaside escapes and destinations rich with culture and history, there’s a destination for everyone to plan an unforgettable trip in 2022.

Atlanta, USA 
As the capital of Georgia, Atlanta is known as the cultural center of the American South and offers a true urban adventure. Full of lively neighborhoods with world-class restaurants and a wealth of vibrant nightlife, it is a great destination for all types of travelers. For history lovers, the city is home to some important sites such as the Martin Luther King Jr National Historical Park and the National Center for Civil and Human Rights.

As 73% of travelers want to have authentic experiences that are representative of the local culture locals would recommend visiting Ponce de Leon Avenue, a 16-mile road that connects Atlanta’s diverse communities and allows visitors to fully immerse themselves into the city down one long straight road. The ‘Ponce,’ as it is known locally, is home to everything from tattoo parlors and underground nightclubs, to antique shops, and churches and showcases all the rich culture Atlanta has to offer.

Where to stay: The stylish Hotel Clermont is situated a short walk away from Piedmont Park, a luscious green space which serves as the athletic center of the city, and includes a delicious restaurant, bar and gym. With colorful and cool interiors, this boutique hotel is perfect for a comfortable stay in this vibrant city.

Gramado, Brazil
Gramado is located in the ‘Romantic Route’ region of southern Brazil, a scenic route that runs through 13 municipalities of Rio Grande do Sul. This picturesque mountain resort is perfect for two-thirds (68%) of travelers who like traveling ‘off-the-beaten-path’ to destinations that are less crowded. With charming boutique shops, restaurants that serve chocolate and fondue, and pedestrian crosswalks – Gramado feels like a quaint Swiss village in the heart of South America, making it an unexpected destination thanks to the fusion of two cultures. As two-thirds (66%) of travelers wish to stay somewhere with different scenery from what they are used to back home, this unique destination is one of the most charming places in the Brazilian hinterland and is well worth the visit for a memorable trip in 2022.

Taichung, Taiwan
Taiwan’s second-largest city is famous for its big night markets. Over half (57%) of travelers want to try new and different cuisines while traveling in 2022, so as you bustle your way through one of the buzzing street markets, be sure to try sun cakes, Taichung’s local meatballs, and of course a refreshing bubble tea. By day, Taichung is home to incredible historical temples and must-see sites including the prestigious 200-year-old Lecheng Temple, the ornate Chenghuang Temple, and the three-hall style Wanhe Temple, which showcase intricate architecture and reveal the rich cultural past of the city’s ancestors.


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