93 Waterfalls of River Mrežnica


Meet Mrežnica River, one of Croatia’s best continental retreats, with a total of 93 stunningly beautiful waterfalls. Trust us, it is the clearest river we have ever seen!

Due to its transparent green water and magical landscapes, Mrežnica is a place where many people escape for an adventure, or just to find peace. If that`s what you are looking for, keep reading.

Yes, we already said that there are 93 waterfalls, but there are also pools of warm water between them, so there are more and more people that choose this destination over seaside. Why? Well…

Water lilies cover the river banks, dragonflies are zipping by, while the European pond turtle rests on the plants… it`s that magical!

Below its magnificent cascades and underneath the green surface, woven by nenuphars, this emerald green river hides the secrets of the bygone times, but also the secrets of the incredible, still intact and preserved nature.

Upper canyon of Mrežnica between Primišlje and Tržić, many consider the most beautiful part of the river right in the wilderness.

We suggest Mrežnica River as a place for a day of adventure and we promise you won`t regret it. This is an emerald green paradise, where you still have desired privacy, but can also have the time of your life! Mrežnica has always been, and remains with each drop, a beauty living on the border of wilderness and civilisation.

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