A Croatian city made it to the list of the friendliest cities in Europe

Photo: Unsplash (Pero Vojković)

In this year’s Readers’ Choice Awards, Conde Nast readers voted for the friendliest cities in Europe, from the dramatic ice caps of Reykjavik to the beach of San Sebastían and beyond, reports cntraveller.com.

One Croatian city made it to the list!

1. San Sebastián, Spain

San Sebastián’s charm will be already well-known by foodies. However, its people are officially the friendliest in Europe.

2. Bruges, Belgium

Those on the hunt for a fairytale Belgian scene, weaving canals, gingerbread houses, lively bars serving steins of beer won’t be disappointed by the medieval city of Bruges.

3. Reykjavik, Iceland

Well-known for its volcanic activity, visitors flock to the natural pools here including the particularly popular geothermal Blue Lagoon Spa.

4. Copenhagen, Denmark

Dubbed the epicentre of Scandi-cool, Copenhagen has a lot going for it.

5. Porto, Portugal

Enchanting cobbled streets and rainbow tapestry of architecture have been attracting growing number of travellers.ž

6. Dublin, Ireland

From curb-side fiddle-playing to lively nightlife that rages on into the early morning, Ireland’s capital seamlessly combines its zest for life with nods to its radical history.

7. Oslo, Norway

Oslo has poked its Scandi-cool personality above the parapet.

8. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon has fast become a stalwart favourite for weekend trippers, weaving together historic cobbled streets, Neoclassical and Art Deco architecture and more contemporary draws.

9. Stockholm, Sweden

Sprawled across 14 islets, the fruits of life on the water are on offer to all.

10. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Connected by a maze of tree-lined canals that entangle the cobbled streets and narrow heritage townhouses, Amsterdam is a city awash with postcard-perfect destinations.

11. Athens, Greece

From the magnificent Acropolis to the neoclassical buildings that pepper Panepistimiou Street, it is impossible not to be enchanted by history’s grip here.

12. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Pedestrianised shopping streets, Baroque architecture (most notably St. Blaise Church) and, of course, the glistening azure sea backdrop, help to cast an ethereal feel across the municipality.

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