Active vacation – a reason to stay at Plitvice Lakes a day longer!


Tourists are staying longer and longer in the area of the Municipality of Plitvice Lakes and for a good reason. The rich contents and mosaic tourist offer are an excellent reason to visit for several days, especially for people who want to have an active vacation and enjoy the pristine nature with numerous available activities.

In addition the beautiful lakes, beloved by tourists, there is so much to discover, do and visit, so it is no wonder that Plitvice Lakes are becoming a multi-day and year-long destination. The Tourist Board of the Municipality of Plitvice Lakes emphasises active vacationing and has for that purpose launched the Plitvice Active website where you can look up all the relevant information.

The Municipality of Plitvice Lakes includes five cycling routes of varying length and intensity, from recreational and novice to challenging routes taken by semi-professional and professional cyclists.

You can ride the slopes of Plješivica, climb to Gola Plješivica, cycle on the Popolju route across the field of Korenica, traverse The Trail, or ride around Mrsinj. Nature enthusiasts who prefer walking can enjoy the trails in the Plitvice Lakes National Park that take them from the Upper Lakes to the Lower Lakes, walk the educational-recreational trails “Čorkova uvala” and “Plitvica”, hike to the peaks of Medvjeđak, ascend to the Mrsinj Grad fort ruins, or go up to the summit of Lička Plješivica.

The trails are excellent because they allow you to witness the natural beauty of the area in addition to being a great sports exercise.

You can also try your hand at airsoft or paragliding, and the ski area Mukinje is an increasingly popular destination when snow falls in winter.

The rich nature, picturesque villages and a plethora of available activities are the best possible invitation to stay at Plitvice Lakes for a day or two longer and enjoy an active vacation.

Detailed information can be found on the official website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and you should also look for the official hashtag #discoverplitvice.

PHOTO: Rade Jug for Tourist Board of Plitvice Lakes Municipality

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