AMONG TOP 10 BEST HOSTS IN CROATIA Korenica, Rakovica, Senj!


Almost two-thirds of Croats believe that the host is a key factor in staying in an accommodation facility, and the best rated hosts in Croatia, both from domestic and foreign hosts are in Rakovica, Osijek, Bibinje, Korenica, Kaštel, Makarska, Brela, Senj, Trogir and Podstrana.

The results are from the research conducted by the world’s leading rental company,, on a sample of 21,500 travellers worldwide. As the survey showed – 63 percent of global passengers and 62 percent of Croatia’s passengers think that their stay was better because of the engagement of the host who did everything they could to make them a better stay.

Most travellers want to feel “at home,” they said in surveys. For 62 percent of global travelers, the main advantage of non-hotel accommodation is the ability to take advantage of the knowledge and information available to the host and decide to stay in a property owned by someone coming from the region in which it is located. The same goes for 48 percent of Croatian passengers.

However, every traveller is looking for a different engagement from their host. So some travellers are satisfied with a simple warm welcome, while others have slightly higher expectations.

PHOTO: Suha Han Eva