Augmented reality trends in tourism presented in Plitvice


II Alumni MKR meeting took place at Plitvice Lakes and it was organized within the framework of the lifelong education program for Camping Resort Management.

This event lasted from October 13 to 15 and the purpose was establishing connections among former program participants, gaining new knowledge from the sector, and exchanging existing experiences and knowledge.

During this year’s meeting, participants were given the opportunity to visit and get to know in detail four camps located in the continental part of Croatia, which include Camp Slapić, Plitvice Holiday Resort, Camping Plitvice and Camp Korana. These visits gave them an insight into diverse approaches to camp management and the opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas with the owners and managers of these facilities.

In addition, participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with the rich freshwater fauna and flora of the region with expert guidance during a visit to the Aquatika aquarium in Karlovac. They also explored the new underground heritage center Speleon.

An important part of the program were four informative lectures that dealt with the topic of digitalization of business. These lectures allowed the participants to gain a deeper understanding of contemporary technological trends and their impact on camp management. During these lectures, the lecturers shared their professional knowledge and experience, emphasizing the importance of digital tools and solutions in optimizing camp operations.

All these activities enriched participants` knowledge. They also exchanged ideas with colleagues from the industry, and improved their skills and approach to camping resort management.

It was a special pleasure for us to present the possibilities that virtual and augmented reality can provide in camp management. Digitization of business nowadays is no longer just a trend but also a necessity, and as Prilika Group, we strive to demonstrate this through the use of VR/AR devices. We can’t wait to see where creativity in application will take the participants of this program.” – said Bruno Ćutić, representative of Prilika Group.

Bruno Ćutić from Prilika Grupa shared his knowledge on the use of virtual reality in camp operations. His presentation focused on practical applications of VR technology in improving the guest experience, training staff and improving business processes within the camping resort.

Davor Brenko, representative of the company Istra Tech – Business solutions for tourism, held an informative lecture on the application of artificial intelligence in camp management. His presentation focused on exploring various aspects of applying AI to optimize operations and improve hospitality in camping resorts.

Furthermore, Božidar Abaz from the company Dolly Link – Creative Solutions emphasized the potential of using holograms in marketing campaigns and operational processes of camps. His lecture considered the innovative ways holograms can contribute to the attractiveness of campsites and attract the attention of guests.

Martina Zadravec from KG Media, an advertising agency, enthusiastically presented the possibilities of promoting camps through the popular social network TikTok. Her presentation explored creative strategies and techniques to use TikTok as a platform to attract new target audiences and increase the visibility of camping resorts.

These informative lectures provided the participants with a valuable insight into new technologies and strategies that can be applied in the management of camping resorts and how to use these tools to optimize business and improve hospitality.

At the end of this meeting, the participants had the opportunity to visit the estate of the Kojić family, who themselves are former participants of the MKR program. They are currently in the process of opening and managing a camp located along the Korana River.