Autumn weekend trip: Take a walk among the treetops

Photo: Unsplash (Scott Webb)

Nature lovers will surely be delighted by two small green oases with a unique walking path – one in Croatia and one in the neighborhood, reports

The trail through the canopy of Zelenjak – Hrvatsko Zagorje

The unique Path through the Zelenjak treetops is located in Zagorje, on the road Klanjec – Kumrovec. If you decide on a weekend trip here, you will have an educational and relaxing day. Along the 125 m long path there are panels with interesting information about the biological diversity of the protected Zelenjak landscape. For visually impaired and partially sighted people, the texts on the boards are also written in Braille, and a lifting platform has been installed for access by people with reduced mobility and people with disabilities.

The theme of biodiversity is intertwined with the theme of music. In the middle of the path, there is a sculpture of a trumpet, which was inspired by this unique location and the monument to the Croatian national anthem.

The path through the treetops is currently unique in Croatia. The entrance is free.

Path among the treetops – Pohorje

The attractive promenade is located in the very heart of the Pohorje forest – at the top of Rogla. There are also educational panels on the over one-kilometer-long road, so those who want to know can learn all about the local trees and get to know new animal and plant species of the area.

The imposing 37-meter-high tower offers a magnificent view of the hundreds-year-old Pohor forest, so you will experience nature from a bird’s eye view.

What should be pointed out is that the entrance is paid, and you can find the price list on the website.

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