Baby on board! 5 destinations to enjoy an unforgettable babymoon


As the world prepares for a post-COVID babyboom, shares a list of 5 unforgettable babymoon destinations based on real traveler reviews**. Whether looking for a luxurious retreat fit for royalty or a low-key getaway somewhere off the grid, has the ideal babymoon escape for parents-to-be- to enjoy relaxing quality time together before the arrival of their little bundle of joy.

Miami Beach, USA

A babymoon should be all about resting and relaxing, and according to travelers, Miami Beach is one of the top endorsed destinations for relaxation. While there is enough activity in and around vibrant Miami, it’s certainly also a destination where travelers can enjoy some rest and relaxation. Perfect for couples preparing for some sleepless nights to come.

Albufeira, Portugal

While not much activity is expected while pregnant, sunbathing is one that can easily still be practiced. The southern coastal city Albufeira in the Algarve region in Portugal is one of the top endorsed destinations for sun bathing according to travelers. Travelers can enjoy warm temperatures, sandy beaches, beautiful wild coastlines, and sunshine guaranteed all year around. And with many dining options available throughout the city, it’s a perfect destination for couples to enjoy a vacation without too much activity.

Verona, Italy

No babymoon is without romance, and Verona is the place to be to spend some romantic time with your partner. This medieval old town in the northern part of Italy is best known for being the set of Shakespeare’s most famous love story. Not surprising that Verona is one of the top endorsed destinations for romance according to travelers. But the romance of Romeo and Juliet isn’t the only thing that makes Verona romantic. The stunning architecture, cozy cobblestone streets and wide variety of great restaurants for a candlelight dinner for two is what makes this place even more romantic. A perfect destination for one final vacation just as a party of two.

Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

When taking a vacation while pregnant, you only want to do one thing: nothing. And what better place to do nothing than on an island. insights shows that travelers have endorsed Phi Phi Islands as one of the top destinations for an island vacation. This picturesque paradise destination is surrounded by white sanded beaches, turquoise waters and palm trees, giving travelers the ultimate tropical getaway experience and making it perfect to spend an incredible babymoon with your partner and to reset yourself to start life as a family fully relaxed.

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