Bear`s Garlic Day – a favorite gastronomic event of Plitvice area!


Once again this year, on 5 May in the Plitvice Lakes Municipality a favorite gastronomic event, the Bear’s Garlic Day will be held!

For those of you who don’t know the bear’s garlic is a very delicious herb, and as his name suggests, it’s a real spring treat for bears emerging from winter sleep.

The plant is increasingly popularized through this manifestation, and you are all invited to enjoy in this curative and edible plant while visiting the Bear’s Garlic Day on 5 May.

The first part of the programme will be held in front of Hotel Macola, where from 10 am until noon many dishes with healthy and delicious bear`s garlic as the main ingredient will be prepared! Visitors will have the opportunity to taste local specialties, enjoy the rich programme, participate in a children’s educational workshop and “Small chefs” gastronomic workshop.

Bear’s Garlic Day is an ideal opportunity to enjoy nature, so exactly at noon a departure of the mountaineers and other participants to the unique adventure of picking the bear`s garlic will be organized. At 2pm a joint lunch will be held.

Come to Korenica on the “Bear`s Garlic Day”, try a variety of specialties and enjoy the beautiful nature of the Plitvice region!