The Belgian Wanderer made a stop at Plitvice

Joren De Schepper, a 20 years old travel photographer from Belgium has been travelling around the world for the last 10 months.

Joren, known as The Belgian Wanderer visited Plitvice Lakes this summer, but he never heard of the place until the day he got here.

“Three of my friends and I were on a road trip through Croatia and Montenegro and it wasn’t until the day before I had heard of these magnificent beautiful lakes. When my friend saw it was close to our next destination, we figured we might as well stay for the day and explore! As it was my first time there I didn’t really know what to expect. It was one of those ‘trust your friend’ situations. When we finally got through the queue, I was blown away! I absolutely loved this National Park and was a bit sad once we figured out you couldn’t see everything in one day.”

Joren says he has never seen water with such a beautiful color, actually he was shocked how crystal clear it was.

“You could see fish and snakes like they were on display! Then, of course, you had all the waterfalls which made it even more magical. I was also amazed by how well preserved the place was! Normally with a place like this, I feel like tourism and housing takes over – but not here! It felt and looked like a fairytale.”

They also had some fun anecdotes.

“From the start my friend said that some reviews stated that not all trails were well indicated. Now, after about an hour we decided to take these old stairs we found, to go to a viewpoint. Once we reached the top we took a track on the ridge, because we thought the view would be even more amazing from up there. It wasn’t until half an hour later that we found out it wasn’t an official trail and that we had to double back our last half an hour. In the end, I wouldn’t have done it any different!”

He would like to come back without a doubt! “I’m actually very curious to how the lakes look in autumn and winter settings! I’ve already planned that once I get my driver’s license, I’m going to take another trip to these magical lakes with my girlfriend, Katherine!”

PHOTO: The Belgian Wanderer

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