Best wines of Croatia!

Photo: Unsplash (Nacho Dominguez Argenta)

When it comes to the most famous varieties planted and grown in our regions, each region has at least one variety that it especially values ​​and from which winemakers make wines of all price categories, reports


Traditionally, it is mostly grown in Slavonia and Podunavlje and goes well with fattier dishes that characterize Slavonian cuisine.

Istrian Malvazija

Although Malvazija Istria is named after the largest Croatian peninsula and is considered one of the autochthonous Istrian wine types, the exact place of its origin is not fully known.

Plavac Mali

Plavac Mali is a popular autochthonous wine variety that originates from central and southern Dalmatia. Plavac Mali from Dingač was the first wine to be awarded the mark of top wine in today’s Croatia, back in 1961.


Žlahtina or Žlajtina is an autochthonous white grape variety of the coastal region. Although it is considered a short-lived wine, sparkling wine can also be produced from Žlahtina by fermentation in tanks.


Pošip, Pošip Bijeli, Pošipak and Pošipica are names for the autochthonous variety of white grapes from the island of Korčula, which can also be found in Lastovo and Mljet. In 1967, it became the first Croatian white wine with a protected geographical origin.


Babić is an autochthonous variety of black grape that is mostly grown in Dalmatia. Babić is a wine with a higher level of acids, a higher percentage of alcohol and more pronounced tannins, which makes it suitable for long aging and preservation.


Frankovka is a black grape variety that has been cultivated in Europe for centuries. In our country, it can be found in Slavonia, Moslavina and Plešivica, but also in Primorje and Istria, where it is known as Borgonja. Of the Frankovkas grown in Croatia, the Iločka Frankovka has been recognized as a superior wine.


Traminac is a grape variety believed to have originated in Italy and the Tyrolean Alps. Traminac is often written off because of its distinct fragrance, and it is characterized by high alcohol content and low acid level, which is why its characteristic sweetness comes to the fore.

Rajnski Riesling

Rajnski Riesling is a white wine variety from the Rhine River Valley in Germany that grows in the northern vineyards of Europe. Rhine Riesling is grown in northwestern and northeastern Croatia, and entire continental Croatia has the potential to grow this international variety.


Chardonnay is a popular white grape variety that originates from Burgundy in France and has spread throughout the world over time. The cultivation of Chardonnay is significantly influenced by the climate, the soil and the location of the vineyard itself, so the grape takes on the environment, or terroir, in which it grows.

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