BREAK FROM CIVILIZATION New tourist programme for Kornati National Park


International ecotourism specialists have tested a new tourist programme for Kornati National Park, which is based on tradition, nature and authentic experience.

The programme, called “Break from Civilization – Back to Basics”, promotes sustainable, environmentally-friendly tourism and aims to familiarise tourists with customs and life on the Kornati islands, the tradition of beekeeping, olive growing, dry-stone wall building and local cuisine.

It is designed for small groups of tourists, with a minimum impact on the environment and a direct economic contribution to the local community, as all revenues would stay in the local community, the project leader Mosor Prvan said, adding that the project should counterbalance mass tourism that tramples on the environment and local heritage. Prvan said he hoped the project would soon get the green light for promotion and marketing.

Last month the programme was evaluated by six ecotourism specialists from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain.

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