CAN YOU GUESS THE LOCATION? Final days of our “Plant A Tree” campaign


In June this year, The Plitvice Times company launched its perfume´s campaign “From nature to me, from me to nature”. Encouraged by the good reaction of customers, the company decided to contribute to the whole ecosystem by giving nature back what it has given to us. And what better way to do that than with one of the ingredients of the perfume?

The concept of sustainable development is basic for us since corporate social responsibility is in the foundations of the company and we also want to be a good example for others to follow in our footsteps.

The plum was chosen as a symbol of this campaign because it is one of Lika-Senj County´s most recognizable products and also an ingredient of the perfume, which brings you the freshness of Plitvice area located in the County throughout the whole year.

There are only few days left to join the perfume´s ecoquest in which you can have a plum tree seedling with your name planted in the Plitvice area! The campaign lasts till August 31st, so hurry up!

How can you participtate? By buying the perfume! The price for 50 ml (1.7 fl. oz.) of perfume is 34.99 US dollars. From every sold perfume, 5 US dollars will be donated for the purchase of plum tree seedlings and for every purchase made, a buyer becomes a friend of the campaign and will receive an e-thank you note via e-mail as well as a personalizes plum tree seedling. We`ll be planting big time and for all of you who wonder what will be the location of the treesstay tuned it will be revealed soon!

You can order the perfume via mail by sending your name, address and mobile, in which case the payment method is cash on delivery (for Croatia only).

You can buy the perfume through The Plitvice Times webshop. Payment method in this case is either cash on delivery at your address (for Croatia only) or through Pay Pal.

For more information on the campaign, visit the official Instagram of perfume!

Go back to the roots for nature and have a plum tree seedling planted in the Plitvice area and help us in returning the plum to nature, since it has given us more than we could ever give back to it…

Featured image: Milan Krznarić