CROATIA A Land for Lovers Anytime of the Year!


When it comes to relationships, it’s important to keep things interesting. Brett and I have been together for 10 years now! Our secret? We never stop trying new things together!

One of our favorite activities to do that never fails to spark up romance is to travel to new and interesting places that won’t show up on the average “Top 10 Destinations” list.

As Americans, we are bombarded with the idea that our vacations should be spent sipping cocktails on a tropical beach. As relaxing as that can be, we prefer to have a little more culture and exploration in our travels. Luckily, Croatia literally has ALL of those things!

If you and your Significant Other are searching for your next romantic getaway, you have GOT to check out Croatia! We travelled through this incredibly gorgeous country not knowing what to expect, and ended up being completely blown away!

Not only is it insanely easy to get around (boat, bus, rent a car, HITCHHIKE), but it’s also one of the most affordable European countries to travel through! Off the grid and it won’t break the bank? Yes, please!


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If you and your partner are looking for a full-on cultural experience Croatia has plenty of spots to check out, but one of our favorites is the capital city of Zagreb – this place is ripe with history and gorgeous Gothic and Romanesque architecture to marvel at.

The Church of St. Mark is probably one of the most unique-looking churches we’ve ever seen with a brightly-colored roof that represents Zagreb’s coat of arms.

If you’re into a more avant garde style of travel and consider yourselves to be slight “tombstone tourists”, you definitely have to visit Zagreb’s Mirogoj Cemetery. It should go without saying, but if you visit this location please be respectful of those in mourning. This place is enormous (with over 300,000 resting sites!) and absolutely stunning.

If at all possible, we recommend visiting Mirogoj after All Saint’s Day, which happens annually the day after Halloween. People all over the country celebrate the lives of their lost loved ones by cleaning up their grave sites and adorning them with mass amounts of flowers and lanterns.

It is truly a beautiful experience to be a part of.

the miles we share


This next spot is probably one of the most well known national parks of all the Eastern European countries, but one you absolutely cannot miss if you are a couple who enjoys the beauty of the natural world. The Plitvice Lakes National Park was one of the main highlights of our trip through Croatia.

Measuring in at 114.6 mi² the park is open daily to the public. You’ll want to have at least a full day to explore this location, or you can plan out a longer visit and stay in one of the many hotels located inside the park.

*Bonus tip: Visit the park in the low-season! We can’t stress this enough. This place is beautiful all year round but going in the colder months could save you the hassle of maneuvering through hoards of other tourists! We went in December when it was snowing and couldn’t have had a better time. Check out more of our experience in our video at YouTube channel called „TheMilesWeShare“.



Next up on your unique Croatian getaway has got to be Zadar. We fell in love with this gorgeous coastal town and it’s multitude of fun activities. Even though we were here in the winter, the sun was shining and the trees were bright green!

Have you ever heard of a “singing beach?” Yeah, neither had we until we visited Zadar’s Sea organ, or Morske orgulje in Croatian. This architectural sound art piece actually creates music when the sea waves hit the built-in tubes located under the organ’s marble stairs.

This is a perfect spot to have a little picnic if you and your partner are looking for some mellow, relaxation time together.


When you’re ready for something a little more involved, hop on over to The Greeting to the Sun (literally a 30 second walk from the Sea organ) to watch a double sunset!

Wait, what? Yup, you heard us right. This mesmerizing interactive art piece acts like a giant mirror and reflects the sky– a perfect spot to end your day! Once the sun sets, stick around to check out the impressive solar-powered light show.

Locals and travelers alike enjoy taking creative pictures here, so don’t forget to bring your camera!



Last on the list for your unique Croatian getaway is one we just could not leave out. A UNESCO World Heritage site, Dubrovnik is undoubtedly one of the most touristy spots mentioned in this article.

But there is so much more to this fascinating town than just being recognized as King’s Landing. Any Game of Thrones fans out there?

Walking on top of the impressive coastal wall is a must! The city wall is absolutely massive and takes you all the way around the historic town. The walk is about 2 km long (so be sure to pack water and a snack!) and gives you the most amazing views of the city’s narrow streets, fortresses, and of course the glistening Adriatic Sea. For a truly romantic experience, we recommend going in the evening a couple of hours before sunset.


If you and your Significant Other visit Dubrovnik anytime between April and November, pop over to Lokrum island which features the remains of a magnificent monastery and a beautiful botanical garden. You should also plan on making friends with the island’s inhabitants, wild bunnies and peacocks!

The ferry ride is only 15 minutes and when you’re ready to grab a bite to eat, head back into town where you can find some amazing restaurants. Dubrovnik has some delicious Italian food options tucked away within its walls. Old town is full of surprises!


So there you have it! If on your next couples retreat you’re wanting rich culture, pristine nature with stunning views, AND tropical beaches, Croatia is ready to deliver.

And if you’re having a hard time deciding which place to visit, don’t worry. There are frequent buses that run up and down the coast (and all around the country) for cheap. We’re talking $15USD cheap! What are you waiting for? Book your trip today!

By: Brett and Alisa – The Miles We Share

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