Croatia on the top of the list of ‘best countries to retire in’ amid cost of living crisis

Photo: Unsplash (Vlad Sargu)

The best countries to retire in has been shared as more people look abroad for their next chapter in life, reports

As the cost of living crisis continues, more people than ever are looking at alternative living arrangements as energy hikes and the economy impact the quality of living in the UK.

Following research from Penfold, financial experts have shared the that Ireland, Spain and Croatia are the best locations to retire in after comparing 12 key lifestyle factors including the current exchange rate, healthcare costs, average flight cost from the UK and the amount of money required to apply for a Visa.

With 21 per cent of its population over 65-years, Croatia bagged first place!


Croatia tops the list of the best countries to retire in. The top benefit of moving to Croatia in retirement is a much better cost of living, inclusive of rent, when compared to staying put in the UK.

Croatia scores 28.47 within the Cost of Living Index, compared to the UK’s 46.42, meaning that rent costs and the price of day-to-day living is nearly half of that of living in the UK.

Croatia also scores highly due to the fact that it only takes an average of two hours and five minutes to get there from the UK, with relatively cheap average flight costs. Friends and family can visit with ease, and flying home to visit is also made convenient.

Additionally, financial worries can be eased if any issues relating to healthcare emerge, and it also has one of the lowest bank balance requirements for those who wish to apply for a visa in order to relocate (the Krona equivalent of £2,839 is needed to apply).

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