Croatian castles – luxurious medieval celebrity villas!


Castles are not merely impressive structures with stunning views of the surroundings. They are also places where the past can come to life and where you can find out what life was like in the past.

With their impressive architecture, rich history, discovered and undiscovered secrets and numerous legends, Croatian castles are sure to leave you breathless. They may give some people inspiration for books, movies and popular TV shows.

Once Upon a Time a Count Built a Beautiful Castle…

If you want a day straight out of a fairytale, then the Trakošćan Castle is your perfect choice. Located on a hill, surrounded by a beautiful forest and a lake, this 13th century castle is sure to bring out your inner romantic.

For a complete fairytale experience, take a horse drawn carriage ride through the surrounding area, and then have a look inside the castle and its knight armors, a valuable collection of Baroque furniture, hunting trophies and an impressive weapons collection.

One of the legends says that the castle was named after the Drachenstein knights meaning “Dragonstone”… Hm, all Game of Thrones fans should give this some though

If These Walls Could Talk…

The feudal town of Veliki Tabor is located on top of Hum Košnički and has been dominating the area of Hrvatsko Zagorje for centuries.

It is one of the best preserved forts in the continental Croatia with a beautiful view of Hrvatsko Zagorje and a part of Slovenia.

In addition to the castle itself, there is also the legend of Veronika of Desinic, a gentle beauty with golden locks who fatally fell in love with the castle lord’s son and paid for that love with her life. Some say that you can hear Veronika’s sobs in Veliki Tabor even today.

A Treasure Hidden among Snakes

If you look in the direction of Medvednica, you are sure to see a large white fort outline on one of its hills. That is Medvedgrad, a 13th century Medieval Age fort that is famous for its tales and legends. One of its most famous legends is the one about the cruel and beautiful Black Queen, the owner of the castle, Barbara of Cilli.

They say she tried to deceive the devil himself. However, he saw through her and turned her into a snake to punish her. The legend says that her subjects still slither around Medvednica keeping their lady’s treasure and waiting for a hero to kiss the snake keeper and give the Black Queen her original shape.


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SOURCE: Croatia Feeds

PHOTO: Unsplash, Wikimedia

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