CROATIAN FRITULE – mini doughnuts traditionally served on Christmas Eve


Today in Croatia we celebrate Christmas Eve (Badnjak in Croatian), as we prepare for Christmas. Besides other customs, a big part of the tradition is food  – fish, as a substitute for meat, with other dishes. And one special treat – Christmas Eve Fritule – or fritters.

Croatian Fritule are mini traditional doughnuts – favorite Christmas Eve treat served in many areas of Croatia.

True homemade Fritule are prepared using yeast and lemon zes, while adding rakia.

Fritule are best while they’re still hot, fresh from the oil and served with your favourite extra ingredients. You can most often find them combined with chocolate, caramel and fruit toppings, but the original ones are the best, topped with powdered sugar.

And here is what famous chef and TV star Jamie Oliver says about them:

“A little warning though, these Croatian doughnuts are highly addictive, particularly when sprinkled with powdered sugar! The best part is definitely biting into a soft nugget of raisin within the dough…”

His recipe you can find HERE, or just follow the instruction on the YouTube video below:

Christmas Day is spent with family or at church.

Say “Sretan Božić” in Croatian if you want to wish others a “Merry Christmas.”

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