Croatian wine was served at the Oscars party

Photo: Unsplash (Hermes Rivera)

Croatia played a key role at the Oscars party this year. Croatian wine was served to the guests. The party was organized by Jonathan Baker and the theme was “Oscar is a woman”, reports Croatia Week.

Hollywood’s Entertainment Industry Is Into Croatian Wines

Croatian wines of Pošip and Babić varieties were served to the attendees as they got settled in to watch the Oscars.

“The word got around about the quality wines and the line was long to get to them. Pošip and Babić are easy to sip and everyone appreciates their structured, yet soft Mediterranean flavors. Sipping Croatian wine in a foreign country evokes the scents of Adriatic which transfer people to Croatia. We are excited that Americans are starting to value the indigenous Croatian wines even in the middle of California, which has many wines to be proud of.” said Ms. Iva Bahunek Modrič, CEO of the Croatian Tourism Board office in Los Angeles.

She attended the party with Mr. Larry Namer, the owner of the Entertainment Channel. Mr. Namer has traveled to Croatia and loves the country and its gourmet and wine scene, and this evening he had bragging rights about the Croatian wines which he has already experienced in Croatia.

Indigenous Croatian wines – a Pošip from the Terra Madre Winery, Komarna Appellation, and a The Dalmatian Dog Babić from the Testament Winery, Šibenik was served to the attendees together with a California Napa Merlot.

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