#CROFACT Lesser known facts about Croatia


The Croatian National Tourist Board, via specially created promotional content called “Lesser Known Facts About Croatia” and the accompanying #CroFact label, offers an additional promotional opportunity for Croatia to both foreign media in in-bound markets, as well as to numerous audiences on social media via Facebook and Instagram.

The posts include lesser known and interesting facts about our country, which, in addition to social networking posts, will be additionally be promoted via and online quiz, given that during the coronavirus pandemic, users of social media are more interested in participating in all virtual challenges and tasks.


Along with information about the world’s first quarantine in Dubrovnik and the narrowest street in the world on the island of Krk, among the top 10 facts is the fact that Croatian Dr. Andrija Štampar is one of the founders of the World Health Organisation and Faust Vrančić is the inventor of the parachute.

There is also information about the first Istrian “vampire” and that Croatia is the homeland of the ancient Vučedol culture. In addition, facts that Croatia has the shortest funicular in the world, and that the tie was originally a handkerchief around the neck that made Croatian soldiers famous in the 17th century, will also be presented.

Facts about the “dumpling hour”, that is the bell of the Osijek cathedral that has rung every Friday at 11 o’clock for the last 330 years, are also highlighted, as well as the original Museum of Angels in Varaždin.

Through social networking, the CNTB has been working hard to encourage communication with their fans, inviting them to share their memories from Croatia, asking what they miss the most, and some of the most common answers were the crystal clear sea, islands, Croatian way of life, coffee drinking culture, the food, the city of Zagreb, Croats, summer and sun and sunsets.

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