DALMATIAN PRODUCTS “Panceta” and “pečenica” protected at EU level!


The Dalmatinska panceta, a preserved cured meat product with a rectangular shape, made from streaky bacon of the pig as well as the Dalmatinska pečenica, also a preserved cured pork meat product without the bone — are new Croatian products protected at the EU level.

They were added to the EU quality schemes, whereby they are given the labels of the protected designation of origin and the protected geographical indication, the Croatian Agriculture Ministry said in a press release on Tuesday.

The Dalmatinska panceta is produced from refrigerated fresh, or from frozen, streaky pork bacon. The streaky bacon used to produce ‘Dalmatinska panceta’ comes from the pig’s chest and belly.

“Dalmatinska panceta is recognisable by its mild smoky aroma. Of particular importance here is producers’ know-how and skill in selecting the right types of wood and determining the most appropriate time and duration for smoking, which largely depends on weather conditions and the characteristics of the raw materials,” says the EC in its explanation to award the PDO and PGI labels.

The reputation of ‘Dalmatinska pečenica’ is also demonstrated by numerous culinary events showcasing traditional cured meat products. Dalmatinska pečenica has also become a recognisable delicacy and is served in many restaurants and catering establishments, the EC says.

The geographical area for the production of Dalmatinska panceta and Dalmatinska pečenica comprises Dalmatia as a whole, i.e. the long coastal belt of the central and southern Croatian coast, including the islands (Central and Southern Adriatic Croatia).

To date, as many as 31 agricultural and food products from Croatia have been awarded the protected designation of origin or the protected geographical indication labels.



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