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If you`re planning a trip to Plitvice and want to know what`s going on in the Plitvice Lakes Municipality – we know all the details!

In the upcoming months, you will be able to participate in three interesting events – gastronomical festivalBear`s Garlic Day”, sports event “Plitvice Marathon” and the international exhibition “Water – The Fluid of Life”. We found out everything you need to know about the three events so here is what`s going on in the Plitvice Lakes Municipality during May and June.


The tasty gastronomical festival „Bear’s Garlic Day“, dedicated to this delicious plant (wild garlic, ramsons) related to onions and garlic will once again be held this year in the Plitvice Lakes Municipality. The festival is jointly organized by the Plitvice Lakes Municipality and the Plitvice Lakes Municipality Tourist Board, and it is dedicated to this springtime specialty which bears love when they wake up from hibernation. This traditional festival is an ideal opportunity for the inhabitants of Lika and their guests to better get to know this edible and medicinal plant.

The 9th „Bear’s Garlic Day“ will be held on Saturday, 4 May, in the centre of Korenica, in front of the library, where some of the hospitality establishments, family farms, the high school and kindergarten will offer various dishes featuring this healthy and tasty plant.

Visitors will have the opportunity to taste domestic specialty dishes with bear’s garlic and there will also be a short cultural-artistic programme.

bear garlic

In addition to enjoying bear’s garlic, the festival is a great opportunity to spend time in nature. There will be organized hiking tours with the possibility to go pick bear’s garlic, and visitors will be able to have lunch in nature.

Come to Korenica for Bear’s Garlic Day, taste what we have to offer and enjoy the magnificent nature of the Plitvice area!


This year, the Plitvice Marathon, one of the most beautiful marathons in the world, will take place for the 34th time. The whole event will feature a marathon race, a half-marathon race and a regular 5-kilometre race through the incredible nature of the Plitvice Lakes National Park. It will be a weekend full of activity.

Last year’s marathon saw over two thousand runners from around the world, and this year the weekend event which will take place from 31 May to 2 June is expected to attract over four thousand people, many of whom will spend the whole weekend at Plitvice Lakes.

The first races – the 5-kilometre and children’s’ races – are the first to start on Saturday, 1 June, while the following day is reserved for the professionals running the marathon and half-marathon.

This race, continuously supported by the Tourist Board of the Plitvice Lakes Municipality, has been very popular from its very beginning.

In addition to the participants, the marathon is followed and supported by many visitors, so the contest itself is also a pleasant social event.

The reception center opens the day before the races, on Friday, along with the Marathon EXPO, giving everyone the chance to spend a fun sporty weekend while visiting Plitvice Lakes and touring all the other sights in the area. Join the race or just come visit to have a good time in the Plitvice Lakes Municipality. See you at the Plitvice Marathon!


This year, from 8 to 16 June, the Plitvice Lakes National Park will host the international exhibition named „Water – The Fluid of Life“. The theme of the exhibition is water in all its aspects and forms. Water as a universal life force, life’s fluid, source of inspiration. And what better place to get inspired and to experience this force but the Plitvice lakes, a UNESCO protected national park with 16 falling lakes and countless waterfalls in the midst of Lika, the Croatian highlands.

„Join us at this feast of art and nature. Spare a moment to think about water. What it is for you, how you perceive it, how it communicates with you, how you translate it in to your own life, your creativity and your work. Participate with your artwork at our expo and join others from all around the globe“ – the organizers have announced.

Lately, water has been studied not only by scientists, but also by explorers, artists, philosophers and ecologists. They study the phenomenon of water, they try to explain all the extraordinary qualities that make this fluid specific and unique to this planet and universe.

Given those recent discoveries we learn that water has the power to heal as well as destroy, it has a process of self-cleansing, it is a bearer of important biological information and it has memory!

Come to Korenica and Plitvice Lakes to participate in these diverse events and enjoy the magnificent nature of the Plitvice area!