“I didn’t know these kinds of places truly exist!”

And she would love to come back...

Roberta Kanareika from Lithuanian city of Klaipeda visited Plitvice and Croatia for the first time, and talked about her experience for Plitvice Times.

“It was super exciting to start our trip from the most beautiful place in Croatia – Plitvice. The first time I spotted the view from the highest place, it was incredible. I didn’t know that these kinds of places truly exist – I mean natural nature with such waterfalls”, she says.

Roberta adds that the entire visit to Plitvice counts as one special moment, that she describes with the word – breathtaking.

Kroatija yra nuostabiiiii! Tiesiog nuostabiiiiii!

Objavu dijeli Roberta Kanareika (@kanareiki)

“I would like to come back. Croatia is very lucky to have such nature miracles and I recommend the country to all of my friends. Plitvice is a MUST see while visiting this beautiful country!

PHOTO: Roberta Kanareika

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