DIY Easter decorating ideas by Danijela Tonković


Easter holidays are here and we’ve got everything ready for that long-awaited days. Easter is a great reason for the family to get together, and there are many fun decorating ideas that you can do alone or with your family members.

That`s why we asked Danijela Tonković, a talented lady from Otočac and the owner of “Giftshop Danijela” to share with us some of her decoration ideas for this Easter.

“The holidays that are coming I see as an opportunity to spend more time with my family and most importantly to fill those days with love and giving.

Danijela usually makes the wedding decoration, souvenirs, occasional gifts and ornaments but for the holidays she paints with some other colours… the colours of love.

Danijela showed us how to make easter door wreath and decoupage eggs – both great ideas for you next DIY project for the upcoming Easter!


Before your Easter guests even enter your house, let them know that you take the holiday seriously by hanging a beautiful wreath on your front door. From cute chickens to beautiful flowers and colourful eggs, you’ll surely find a wreath perfect for your home!

Danijela showed us how she makes her unique Easter door wreath – it`s an easy DIY, so let`s start.

To create this (or similar) door wreath you need to buy: wreath, artificial straw, lace, thread, flowers, hot glue pistol, small decorations and of course chickens.

When you get all of the above procedure is simple, just be creative and go for it!


This type of decoration is far from traditional but we love it because it`s so chic.

You need: napkins or decoupage rice paper, (here she used rice paper), finish spray/decoupage glue, decoupage brush, styrofoam egg, decorative stones, decorative tape, hot glue pistol and acrylic paint.

Put the egg on a stick and choose the peace of rice paper you want to apply on the egg. Do not cut it with scissors but use your hands.

Put the glue on the egg, place the paper on it and press it down and align it. Same on the other side of the egg. Paint the space between the pictures with acrylic paint using a sponge not a brush! Leave it for about an hour and then add the decorative stones. Make a bow from the decorative tape and stick it to the top of the egg. Apply finish spray and let it dry. The result is nice but absolutely non-edible, so make sure to put some naturally painted eggs in your basket!

Danijela also has a special Easter message for our readers:

“Dear readers, I want you to take out a brush from the small pocket near your heart and paint the lives of your loved ones in these wonderful Easter days. Happy Easter everyone!

Her other works can be viewed and ordered on Instagram , Facebook, or cellphone 098 588 887.