DOLAC MARKET More than just a trading place!


Every day we find out about a new food trend. But there are places where for centuries now they have been serving organic, fresh, locally grown produce in keeping with the seasons – namely, the Croatian markets.

Dolac is the most famous and largest market where the best products from all over Croatia come – from the famous Slavonian kulen sausage, Zagorje turkey, Pag cheese to sea specialties.

A unique symbol of the city of Zagreb, it captivates with the richness of tastes and smells and tradition that make for a wonderful postcard of the capital with the main motif – the red Šestine parasol.


Dolac consists of an open part of the market where you will find fruit and vegetable sellers, the closed part where you will find butchers and dairy sellers, as well as homemade pasta, while the fish market is situated in a separate building.

The main symbol of Dolac are its kumice, women from the surrounding area of Zagreb who grow their own fruit and vegetables or make homemade cheese and cream that they then sell on the market.

At the entrance to the market, in 2006, the monument Kumica Barica was erected in memory of them, carrying a basket on her head because these women really carried, on a daily basis, fresh food to the city in baskets on their heads, creating the habits and history of the city.



SOURCE: Croatia Feeds

PHOTO: Josip Durdov