DROP AFTER DROP River Mrežnica winter rafting!


Memorable experiences are the one with rafting, kayaking and canoeing on beautiful rivers of Karlovac county, whose 200km of stream make perfect for exciting and at the same time relaxing adventure.

Racing down steep rapids in the river flow of Mrežnica is definitely a lot of fun – as all adrenaline addicts would surely agree. Waterfalls of the River Mrežnica are the ideal setting for rafting or a dynamic kayak or canoe riding and literally “going down its steep slides”.

At the foot of the vertical cliffs of the canyon, the river flow of Mrežnica offers excellent options for adrenaline-packed sports such as these ones.

If you happen to be a professional adventure seeker in your spare time or inspire to become one, you should definitely try out navigating this blue-green beauty in a raft or a canoe boat, or perhaps a kayak.

Enjoy the fun video from upper Mrežnica by the YouTube channel “przygodowy”!

Source: TZ Duga Resa

PHOTO/VIDEO YouTube channel “przygodowy”

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