Equestrian magic of Plitvice Valleys


There is an old saying that goes – „There is something in a horse’s outside that does good for a man’s inside“ and it truly is so. Apart from being incredibly good for our health, which is why it is considered one of the best activities for preserving one’s vitality, horseback riding is so much more.

If you dream of riding through vast fields of green, forests or by a crystal clear river, it’s definitely time to mark the Plitvice Valleys on your maps.

This incredible destination holds four professional equestrian club which offer tourists the opportunity to try field riding, to go for single or multi-day riding tours, equestrian school and many other fun activities that take you to various locations.

Three distinct themes permeate Plitvice Valleys, signifying its environment and natural beauty – water, caves, and forests, and horseback riding is fully immersed in all of them. Riders can enjoy the beautiful nature and prepared trails with professional guides.

They can also choose a different route each day and get to meet the Plitvice Valleys on horseback. So let’s take a look at the trails.


The cave trail gets its name after the main attraction – the Barać caves, which you will be able to reach on horseback without any issues while riding through beautiful pastures. This protected and unique karst and forest environment is also a major paleontological and archaeological site, as it tells the story of cave animals and people who lived here in prehistoric times.

The route to the Barać caves will leave you breathless, and you will want to take a longer break to explore this fantastic place. From on top of your horse down to the dark underground world – a day of adrenaline you’ll be retelling for a long time!


The water route takes you through the canyon of the Korana river. It is a place that horses love so prepare to get a little wet during the ride. The canyon is overlooked by the Old Town Drežnik town which dates back to the 12th century.

The renovated defensive tower provides an incredible view of the canyon and surrounding mountaints, and it is a great opportunity to learn something about the past of this dynamic border territory.

Silence, clean air, walking, gathering fruits of the forest, meditation… this route will make you fall in love with riding forever!


Nothing comes as natural to horses as pushing through dense forests, forcing their rider to show all they’ve got. That’s what the forest route is – a demanding route through fragrant beech and fir forests native to this land.

The region used to be home to many people. Today the only thing left are witnesses of the past – foundations of houses and numerous wells you can see while exploring the trail. Get off your horse and take a peek into the former settlements of the Plitvice Valleys.

Many things have changed, but one constant remains – horses have always been and always will be part of the lives and customs of the people from the Plitvice Valleys.


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