ESSEX MARKET Here you will find the freshest and most delicious food in New York, see the offer in virtual reality


Essex Market, formerly known as Essex Street Market, is New York’s most historic public market, dating back to the 19th century.

Located at the intersection of Essex Street and Delancey Street in East Manhattan, this indoor market is known for its many local shops specializing in meat, fish, cheese, fruits and vegetables, spices, seafood… Here you will find a wide range of unique and delicious products – from fresh groceries, through prepared meals, to flowers and gifts, and you can even visit an art exhibition or get a haircut!

Explore Essex Market in 5.7K quality virtual reality!

Viewing instructions:

• If you are watching the video on your mobile phone, turn the screen to the right or left and see the surroundings

• if you are watching the video via laptop or computer, right-click and drag right or nice and look around

• if you watch the video via VR headset, switch to 360 videos and enjoy the complete impression!

The video is recorded by the Prilika Group agency in VR 360 technology.