FIRST SNOW AT PLJEŠIVICA – Real winter adventure!


The beautiful mountain Lička Plješivica, with Korenica settlement situated under its highest peak, is finally under the first snow.

This beloved destination for a visit with friends and family has completely transformed! Everything is white and you are in for a true winter adventure.

The giant on the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina is part of the Dinaric Alps and the mountain visited by many mountaineers. Hiking to the top lasts about three hours or more depending on the weather conditions, but if you are not in the mood for a walk and still want to see all the beauty of Plješivica, you can reach the top by car.

The drive lasts about 30 minutes if the road is open for vehicles. Korenica is a starting point for the ascent to the highest peak of the magnificent massif Lička Plješivica,

From the peak called Gola Plješivica at the altitude of 1648 meters, you can enjoy a wonderful view and really make perfect photos. But please have in mind a fairly strong wind, so choose a warm day.

We recommend warm, sporty clothes, some food and water in your backpack. Trust us, you will not regret if one of you winter adventures will be here at Plješivica!

Enjoy our photos and then dive in your own adventure!

*Before every climb for more instructions please contact PD Mrsinj Korenica.

PHOTO: Rade Jug for Discover Plitvice