A fragrant walk through the Field of Korenica for all your senses!


Some of us are incredibly lazy when we go on vacation and the only thing we want to do is rest. Other people want to compensate for all the time stuck in small offices, let themselves go in nature and just walk as much and as far as they can.

If you fall into the latter category, and you’re searching for a location we like to call „far away from everything where I can recharge my batteries“, here’s some first-hand advice straight from our walk through the field that meets all those requirements.


The Field of Korenica – a heaven for all senses

The Field of Korenica spreads near the town of Korenica, close to the Plitvice Lakes National Park. It is a vast field full of incredible and magnificent nature where you can rest, go for a walk, run or cycle.

Say hello to shepherds, spend some time with tame sheep, cows and horses, and then spread your blanket and rest a bit while enjoying looking at the gargantuan Plješivica mountain.

The fragrant Field of Korenica is a karst field, and it is part of the larger Krbava Field famous for turbulent historic events and magnificent views.

Marked walking and cycling trails

Because of both its beauty and size, the Field of Korenica is becoming a more and more visited tourist destination where you can meet hikers, cyclists and walkers on their adventures on one of the marked walking and cycling trails.

One of the more beautiful cycling trails over the Field of Korenica is followed by the Matica creek all the way to where it disappears into a sinkhole. The trail then leads up to an overlook where you can see some amazing sights – the Field of Korenica and Bjelopolje on one side, and the Mrsinj and Plješivica mountains on the other.

Another very attractive trail goes over the slopes of Mrsinj and then leads down an old shepherd’s path to the Field of Korenica. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Choose how you want to spend your vacation and recharge in the splendid nature of the Plitvice Lakes Municipality!

For more information and guidelines on following the trails, their various difficulties and intensity, feel free to visit the website www.discoverplitvice.com.

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