FROM LIKA REGION Can You Solve This Old Riddles?


In the old times when there was no television or internet, long winter nights people in Lika spent telling stories, singing songs and thinking about riddles.

All kinds of riddles and puzzles were equally loved by kids and adults, they are characterized with beauty of expression and content variety.

Created through ages and coming directly from the folks, they are important part of treasury of national wisdom. Many of them disappeared, forgotten or they are being remembered only by the elderly, while young people know very little about this part of national treasure.

We are bringing you some of the national riddles coming from territory of Lika. Try to solve them before looking for the solutions on the bottom of the page and see how many you can get right.

1. What goes on the water but it doesn’t drink it?

2. On my auntie, leather until heals.

3. It’s going to the woods but it’s looking back home.

4. Crooked pig, grazes all the field.

5. What is in the mountain only on one leg?

6. Headful of tiny ants.
7. Full cote of white sheep.

8. White chickens fell from the sky and buried our door.

9. Two pots, four lids.

10. It stands in the path wrapped in green.

11. Small, black, emperor’s vermin.

12. Always going, but stays in one spot.

13. When it’s wet it is hard and when it’s dry it is soft.

14. Hanging on a peg without evil thinking.

15. Whose teeth never hurt?


1. Goat or cow bell
2. Sheep
3. Axe
4. Scythe
5. Mushroom
6. Pumpkin
7. Snow
8. Snow
9. Eyes and eyelids
10. Frog
11. Fly
12. Clock
13. Rope
14. Gun
15. Saw

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