#FROMMETONATURE CAMPAIGN COMES TO LIFE We are planting the plum tree seedlings this Friday!


October 25th, 26th and 27th are the days when Croatia will become greener for thousands and thousands of trees, thanks to the collective tree planting launched through the Facebook group “Days of Collective Tree Planting in Croatia on the 25th, 26th and 27th October 2019”!

And Lika is also joining the planting action!

The perfume Plitvice #frommetonature campaign has decided to join the national planting initiative with its plum tree seedlings, which will take place in Gospić.

In June, The Plitvice Times, whose perfume Plitvice has become one of the most recognizable premium souvenirs of Lika shortly after it was launched, announced a campaign called “From nature to me, from me to nature”, during which the company would donate 5 US dollars from every perfume purchase made in order to buy plum tree seedlings, that would be planted in the Plitvice area after the campaign. Plum was chosen as the focus of the campaign as it is one of the main ambassadors of Lika, but also one of the most important ingredients of perfume Plitvice. Each seedling will have the name of the person who bought it, as a thank you note for participating in the campaign.

We are pleased that we are joining the national planting action with our #frommetonature campaign and that we can contribute to greener Lika by planting 50 plum tree seedlings. We support these kind of actions and hope that this national, but also our campaign will encourage others to start and participate in similar activities in the future.

This summer, the world has witnessed the massive fires in the Amazon, and many decided to help our planet become green(er) again.

Facebook group “Collective Tree Planting Days in Croatia on 25, 26 and 27 October 2019” of this civic initiative, launched by Varaždin’s Mateja Angelina Kramar, has already exceeded 20000 members and the number is increasing hour by hour. Also, there is an increasing number of cities that are joining the planting action. In addition to the main Facebook group, county sub-groups were created, in which all information related to planting are published daily.

The civic initiative points out that the emphasis is on planting action of every person interested in it and on encouraging the creation of gardens and green areas.

If you want to join this planting action, you can find all the latest information about planting in Lika – Senj County in the Facebook group of the initiative.