GREAT HONOR The Croatian-American owner of Delmonico`s restaurant performed the honorary first pitch at the New York Mets baseball game


At the game that the popular NY Mets played against the Texas Rangers last night, the owner of the iconic Delmonico`s restaurant threw the honorary first pitch.

The throw was made by Delmonico`s partner Denis Turčinović, while the owner of Delmonico`s Joseph Licul successfully made the catch and earned the crowd’s ovation.

The reason for this great honor is the reopening of Delmonico’s restaurant in Manhattan, also known as the first fine dining restaurant with a rich history and status on the gastronomic and tourist scene.

This is a continuation of the honors that have been showered in New York on the occasion of their opening, because just a few weeks ago, with the activation of the “Opening Bell” at the symbolic ceremony of the New York Stock Exchange, the NYSE opened trading on the largest American stock exchange.

Turčinović is of Croatian origin, and he also gathered around him a Croatian team of professionals who also revitalized this popular place, which opens at its old address – 56 Beaver Street in the Financial District on Wall Street.

Watch the video from today’s event HERE.