HIGHLANDER 2020 “Adventure of a lifetime” expanding to two more countries!


The “adventure of a lifetime”, known as HIGHLANDER, is the ultimate mountaineering experience that began three years ago in Croatia, on the Velebit Mountain. Highlander was founded in 2017 in the beautiful mountains of Croatian seacoast where a couple of enthusiasts gathered to celebrate nature and explore the mountain of Velebit.

Starting next year, the HIGHLANDER story, alongside Croatia, is expanding to two more countries – Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. This year the “adventure of a lifetime” starts on September 12, 2020.

In Croatia the adventure is still called “Highlander Velebit” and it is a 104 km long hiking experience that lasts for 5 days and leads you through two famous national parks, Paklenica and Northern Velebit.

“Highlander Stara Planina” is a 100 km long hiking challenge experience that lasts for 5 days and leads you through Stara Planina, Serbia’s most remote mountainous area. Stara Planina, whose literal translation is Old Mountain, is also known as Balkan Mountain, from which the entire Balkan region derived its name.

“Highlander Blidinje” gives you the best of untouched Bosnian nature through 100 kilometres of hiking across high uplands of the central Dinarides including Čvrsnica and Vran mountain ranges.

On the highlander route you can see the most beautiful scenery, visit some of the most breathtaking and iconic mountains and live like a true highlander for a few days. Even though highlander is an ultimate hiking event it’s not just for professional hikers, but also for those who love nature and are eager for outdoor activity.

For more information about the adventure go to Highlander official website.

PHOTO: Highlander Adventure